Foundational course

Ministerium und f(X) – Trainings- und Experimentiergeräte im Innenhof der HGB, 2014.
Screentest und Speedexhibition (#7), 2016.
B-Setzungen – Positionierungen im LIchthof der HGB, 2013.

Initially the focus is on experimental basic principles and artistic fieldwork, raising awareness of perception, working with different materials and techniques as well as improving the attention for media and artistic processes. Alongside the introduction to the project work, the subject-specific and interdisciplinary courses help students to pursue individual ideas and visions, test artistic strategies and forms of interaction and participation, develop individual concepts as well as create work in various exhibitions and/or contexts. Over three semesters each class deals with a specified topic, which at the same time is a joint starting point, sounding board and common theme. The subject matter is open to interpretation according to individual associations, it can go in every conceivable direction based on personal motivation and leads to a joint exhibition at the end of the 3rd semester.