Foundational courses

"Ein Haus für Menschen und Tiere", Kurs Zeichnen/ Naturstudium WS 2016/17

In the first academic year (Foundation Course I) the students taking the courses Book Art/Graphic Design, Photography, Media Art and Painting/Graphic Art also attend courses which teach the interdisciplinary basics alongside subject-specific compulsory classes. In the first year of study, alongside the teaching of technical skills and knowledge, students are taught the basic principles of design and the sensitisation of perception as well as being encouraged to work in groups. In the foundation course students can test various possibilities of media, artistic and creative strategies, from brainstorming, design and an introduction to project work. Font and typography are included in the spectrum as well as artistic-anatomical knowledge, the application of colour, texture and interface, dealing critically with media and operating artistically in spatio-temporal contexts. A further focal point is the introduction to scientific and theoretical research, philosophy, art history and design and media theory. The interdisciplinary compulsory classes of all specialist fields take place in mixed groups in a half or full semester cycle. The compulsory optional courses in our workshops for hot-metal typesetting, lithography, etching, silk-screen printing or woodcutting enable the acquisition and consolidation of knowledge of all original graphic techniques. This takes place in the well-equipped photographic and media laboratories of the audio-visual laboratory using graphic, photographic and different media techniques and technologies. In the second academic year (Foundation Course II), which ends with the Module 1 examination, the focal point is subject-specific teaching as preparation for the class-related main study in the four different courses of study. Interdisciplinary work is both possible and actively encouraged.