Evening Academy

Every semester, the HGB’s evening academy offers more than ten fine arts, practical artistic photography and design courses. The courses are open to everyone aged 16 or over and are for people who like to paint, draw, take photographs, make films, illustrate, design typefaces or create advertising art – be it as creative evening activity, in preparation for a fine arts degree course or as a way to discuss your own projects with others and to develop them further. There is no age limit, meaning groups can benefit from the knowledge and experience of every generation. HGB master class students conduct the courses, putting their professional skills and knowledge at the participants’ disposal. As budding artists in their own right, the tutors will encourage their evening academy students, giving them confidence in their respective medium, teaching awareness, passing on information on current trends in the art world and creating a stimulating atmosphere. The offers cover a broad range of artistic possibilities. There are courses on painting, drawing, graphic art, photography, film, typeface, typography, comics and courses that focus on a concept rather than a single technique.

A big summer exhibition in the HGB’s grand hall showcases the results of the courses and invites people to discuss. Throughout the year, there are various smaller exhibitions at different locations across the city, and in winter, there is a round tour exhibition at HGB.

Every participant is welcome to register for courses on one or several evenings per week. Fees are 120 euros per course and semester. The courses generally take place between 6 and 9 pm. On the last Saturday in March and September respectively, HGB holds an aptitude test for the following semester. The applicants should bring a portfolio of their work. The test includes a small exercise and a detailed interview.


Summer semester 2024

Start: Tuesday, April 2, 2024
End: Friday, Juli 12, 2024

Entrance test
The admission test for the summer semester will take place online online in coordination with the course instructors in the week of 25.-28.03.2024. Please apply by 23.03.2024, with a brief statement of reasons at aak@hgb-leipzig.de. The course instructors will then contact you for an interview.


120,00 € per course and semester