Academy for transcultural exchange (ATA)

Since 2016 the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig offers the “Academy for transcultural exchange”. This is the first study program for refugees in fine arts and graphic design throughout Germany to enroll students regularly. The program is limited to four semesters and provides an opportunity for refugee students currently residing in Germany to prepare for a regular diploma program at the HGB Leipzig. The modules completed in the program can later be recognized in the diploma programs of the HGB Leipzig. Additionally, students can take part in German courses according to the levels from A2 to C1.

The call for application for the winter semester 2020/21 has begun. The application period starts March 2,2020 and ends on May 15, 2020.

Via this website we want to encourage everyone of every nationality interested in joining our Academy who was formerly forced to give up his oder her studies due to politic developments in their home country and who is recently residing in Germany to express his/her interest in our program in written form.

For your letter of interest, please send us a message containing the following information:
1. full name, current residence and residence status
2. possibility to contact you
3. academic curriculum vitae

so far to ata@hgb-leipzig.de.

Further information about the study program and application (only available in german)

The Academy for Transcultural Exchange is partially financed by public funds allocated by the members of the Saxon State Parliament.

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