Photography is the most popular visual medium of our age — at the same time, it is also an important instrument of artistic discourse. In recognition of this, but also of historic and cultural achievements, especially in the 20th century, the photography courses at the HGB are characterised by an openness that conveys the process of generating images in analogue and digital form and focus on a spectrum of artistic expression that goes beyond the initial limits of the medium: photography as an image-generating medium, also in conjunction with texts and books, moving images in film and video, as space-oriented installation etc. Developing a personal artistic stance and image language is a fundamental aim of the degree course and clearly sets it apart from other photo or communication design programmes. The teaching photo artists structure the ten-semester degree course with lectures, seminars, excursions and projects. The diploma course culminates in a public degree show, where the students present their work. The foundational course is taught by Torsten Hattenkerl and Annette Kisling, the four specialist classes of the main course are taught by Tina Bara, Joachim Brohm and Heidi Specker.

Selected works
Objects on the wall: Jigsaw puzzle, Plastic Relief, Metal dish, Printed photo, Plaster frame, 27 x 27cm (left), 30 x 27cm (middle), 27 x 30cm (right), 2020
Mare Yamazoe
Fremd 1
Lucie Reichmayr
Fremd 2
Lucie Reichmayr
mixed media (exept plasterboard by Julia Lübbecke), Installation view of 'Law of Life' show 'Resistance(excerpt)' at 'Verletztbare Subjekte' group exhibition, Zentrum für aktuelle Kunst Berlin, 2020
Alexander Klaubert
Book, 17×24 cm, 2019/20
Melanie Schindler
Adrian Lück
Charlotte Walter
Room-installation: Globes, Perforated Metalstrip, Aluminium-packages, 2019
Mare Yamazoe
deine Arme um meine Schultern #1
from the series 'deine Arme um meine Schultern', Giclée, 2019
Hyejeong Yoo
Eine Runde bleiben
C-Print, 110 × 74cm, 2019
Charlotte Walter
Good Bye
Objective installation: Ice-cubes, Italian €1 coins, Narcissus, Metal-Pedestal, 2019
Mare Yamazoe
HD Video looped, room installation, turf (grass), 2019
Shirin Barthel
How to find modern construction in a postmodern building
Inkjet Print, 24×36cm, 2019
Isabell Hoffmann
Katrin Becker
just discovered
Melanie Schindler
o.T. (Gebilde)
Felix Pacholleck