I make sculptures and installations, which stem from drawing comics.
I shape forms, find objects, compose sound, animate spaces and characters, and everything spawns from the same universe.
At the moment, my art feels like a big, messy, boiling soup – trying to figure out if certain characters from nordic folklore, the philosophy of body horror, and Jungian ideas of the shadow could be merged, or whether absurd bodies can connect with fleshy and meaty technology.

It’s An Umbrella Dilemma , 2021

Vordiplom presentation installed in the backyard of Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig


It’s An Umbrella Dilemma, detail

It’s An Umbrella Dilemma, detail

It’s An Umbrella Dilemma, detail

Somebody’s Walking On Something, 2019

Nothing’s Here, 2021

Installed as part of the Group Exhibition “Plastic”, 2021

2-3 Days At The Beach, 2020

Installed for Rundgang 2020 at Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig

Tears, 2021

Installed as part of “Skulpturen Park Neustadt”, 10/2021

Spring Peepers, 2021

Installed as a part of the exhibition “Paintball”, 2021

The Troll And The Toe, 2019

Unknown Laboratory, 2018

Sound and Sculptural installation exhibited at Københavns Kunstskole, Copenhagen for open studios, 2019