Kay Lotte Pommer moves between different media and disciplines such as object art, virtual reality, sound, and architectural references and connects them within performative settings. In her work, she deals with urban, societal, social, and digital spaces and thematizes the questions of power that arise therein. Prevailing opinions of everyday places and ‚non-places‘, their immanent patterns of perception and behavior, and changes that occur as a result of digitization are among the themes explored. Implementing an artistic practice in specific spaces plays a major role in her works. Gaps between the narrative fragments she stages, using different techniques and media as openly arranged settings in the space, are in constant interaction with each other and with the viewers. Aesthetics are

negotiated between the familiar and the abstracted image, juxtaposing the everyday real space with a surreal, pictorial space that go beyond the architectural moment. This often results in a confrontation of inside and outside, presence and absence, physical and digital.


Selected Works



Transit 2023

metal, glas, MDF, Iphone, USB cable, chewing gum








Raum I – Supermarkt 2020

metal, MDF, printer, acrylglas





Unterwegs. Im Innen. Im Außen. 2022

PLA, acrylglas, metall, plaster