since 2011 studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig.

2006 -2010 studies film-theory and philosophy, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz.


  • born 1985 in Wiesbaden, lives and works in Leipzig, Germany.

Artist Statement

Fabia Fröhlich is working with material, that she sometimes produces herself and sometimes collects. The collected material has to inherit a quality concerning human relationships (like glass, concrete). Then she interrogates the material.

Born in Wiesbaden, Germany, she initially studied film and philosophy prior to pursuing her studies at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig.

She is interested in themes of visuality in terms of the interplay of internal and external experience. Her practice is to gather material, in any form, and arrange it in order to find meaning in a method of open experimentation where the results are always temporary and time-based.

So she can question how to confront a camera within media-standards – in her video interviews with Peaceful Revolution civil rights activists -, interrogate the quality of glass in several installations or arrange and organize snapshot photographs – finding meaning in the absent.




Untitled / 2015 / concete
o.T. / Objekt / Material: Beton / 2015
















Visibility / 2014 / Installation-Example
o.T. / zweiteilige Installation / Material: Glas, verschiedene Folien / 2014


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