Alexander Klaubert (born 1991 in Wittenberg/Germany) lives and works in Berlin. He studies Media Art at the HGB – Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig with Peggy Buth, Joachim Blank and Tina Bara. In 2018 he founded the queer feminist artists collective ‘Law of Life’ togehter with Francis Kussatz. Alexander Klauberts works were already shown among others at Galerie KLEMM’S, Zentrum für aktuelle Kunst Berlin and Diskurs Theaterfestival Gießen.


Selected Works

Alexander Klaubert  ‘R1(workgroup)’, installation view at ‘Law of Life’ show ‘Resistance (excerpt)’ at ZAK Berlin, (except plasterboard by Julia Lübbecke), 2020

Alexander Klaubert & Francis Kussatz ‘Falling Rock’, Performance at A&O Kunsthalle Leipzig, 2019

Alexander Klaubert ‘Stereo/Clean’, HD Video Performance, 2017