Artist Lisa Kottkamp (Leipzig, Germany) characterizes her way of working as “circling” around an interest, often to a sculptural or installative result. Starting from thematic controversy, she combines different physical elements: sculptural materials, graphics, photographs, projections or sound, employing material references that respond to the questions of content as well as their disclosure. Using existing objects, and frequently ceramic materials, these parts often enter into a complex relationship and complement each other where the content determines the form and material of each piece.

Kottkamp’s artistic practice involves three points of main concern. She deals with borders and boundaries, including their spatial and phenomenological significance as well as their metaphorical dimensions. She is interested in transformation and transmission (processes) with a focus on the materiality of objects, mostly connected to architecture. Also systemic theories of cybernetics, based on the ideas of Heinz von Försters and Buckminster Fuller such as the variations of the Metaphysisches Sturmspiel, are of importance to her work.






molded styropor pigmented
plaster, acrylic paint