Die optische Achse über das Modell verlassend Soloexhibition, Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig // 2017




born 1989 in Ruzomberok (SK), lives and works in Leipzig (GER)

since 2016    Class for Installation and Spatial Art // Joachim Blank
2015              Studies at UMRPUM, Prague (CZ) // Aleksandra Vajd and Hynek Alt
since 2013    Class for Photography and Media // Joachim Brohm
since 2011    Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig


2014-17        Scholarship of the Cusanuswerk
2016/17        Studio Residency, Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig
2015             Erasmus+ and Grant of the Cusanuswerk for Studies at UMPRUM, Prague (CZ)



contact: dubovska@hgb-leipzig.de


Katarína Dubovská’s work intersects photography of nature with queries related to the nature of photography.
Oscillating between the poles of fiction and representation, she arranges images, objects and time-based work
into a contingent field, challenging forms of perception and imagination on the cusp of natural science and
poetry and questioning the reliability of what we see and what we know.

Dubovská has shown her work in group exhibitions at the Spinnerei Centre for Contemporary Art in Leipzig,
Motorenhalle Centre for Contemporary Art in Dresden, the Photographic Collection of the Sparkasse Cultural
Foundation in Cologne and the National Gallery in Prague, among others. In 2014, she had her first solo
exhibition titled “Maybe the Sky is Really Green and We’re Just Colorblind” and since this year she is the
recipient of the Cusanuswerk scholarship.


Selected Works


Mountain’s Formation  Pigmentdruck, 110 x 315cm // 2015




















The Mountain  Video im Loop, 6:43min // 2014



















Three Sides Of a Medaillon  Ausstellungsansichten Raum.Weisz, Leipzig // 2015     1 Apple, Apple, Apple, Apple  Pigmentdruck, jeweils 19 x 20cm  2 Plumbline  Lot, Messingrohr, Länge variabel 3 Measurement  Birkenzweig, Textiltape, 60 x 33cm  4 Enlightened Cloud  Screen, Größe variabel  5 Layering  Steine auf Papierstapel, 8 x 29,7 x 21cm  6 Cosmic Brain  Naturschwamm, Spiegelfolie, Glas, 21 x 29,7 x 21cm 7 Regal Mountain  Aluminium, Lack, 320 x 75 x 30cm  8 Crop Mark  Tape, 5 x 5cm





































Sky Piece


Sky Piece  Rauminstallation / Fotokeramik, jeweils 30 x 30cm, Dimension variabel // 2016
Ausstellungsansichten Troja 2 Galerie Bipolar, Leipzig // 2016 Young Photographers Galerie im Waidspeicher des KV Erfurt, Erfurt // 2016























Dublette  Spiegelfolie, HDF, Holzlatten, Scharniere, jeweils 204 x 160cm // 2013

Dubovska_BigPicture_F Dubovska_BigPicture_FK



















Parallel Worlds  Diptychon / Diasec, 78 x 110cm // 2016