In my work I see myself as a witness of a “post-wall generation”, whose symbols and relicts I’m constantly questioning and recombining by thinking of them in local as well as global correlations. My works therefore often combine different layers of history, which I try to connect with my temporary installations and performances. I’m using ready-made objects and settings and their history to question the relationship between the identity of spaces and the rituals of their utilisation. Subjects crucial to my practice are the body, identity, (digital) society and its artifacts within the transition from a post-socialist into a (post-)capitalist art production. I try to look behind a system of globalisation through seemingly trivial forms and objects.





2017 – 2018  Erasmus semester, English master, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Gent, Belgium

2015 –           Student at Academy of Visual Arts (HGB) Leipzig, Klasse Blank

2015              Curatorial Assistent, Burg Gestaltet!, Halle/Saale

2012 – 2013  DAAD semester, Université de Montréal, Québec, Canada

2009 – 2015  B.A. in Communication Design with Prof. Sven Völker, Burg Giebichenstein University of Art, Halle/Saale


1988              born in Halle/Saale



Solo projects

2018         Connect Leipzig, Museum of Fine Arts, Leipzig (upcoming)

2018         »BODY IS A GARAGE«, Exhibition & Performance, Cirque, KASK School of Arts, Gent, Belgium

2017         Performance, Gallery Zaglmaier, Halle/Saale

2017         Opening Performance, Rundgang 2017, HGB Leipzig

2016         Installation, »Lichtfest Leipzig 2016«, Museum »Runde Ecke«, Leipzig


Group exhibitions

2018         »Requiem for a Failed State«, HALLE 14, Leipzig (upcoming)

2017         »Perfiction«, Gallery 301, Chung-Ang University College of Arts, Seoul, South Korea

2017         »Operation Grenze«, Memorial to the German division, Marienborn

2017         »Borrowed fantasies«, Installation, Rundgang 2017, HGB Leipzig

2016         »One Month: After the materialization of the art object«, Temporary Gallery, Cologne

2016         »Troja 2«, Gallery Bipolar, Leipzig

2016         »C.A.R.« (Contemporary Art Ruhr), Media arts fair, Zollverein Essen

2015         »Der Autor ist tot«, Gallery Burg2, Halle/Saale

2014         »Der Mensch ist ein Geheimnis«, Lyonel Feininger Gallery, Quedlinburg

2014         »Der Mensch ist ein Geheimnis«, Dostojevski museum, St. Petersburg, Russia






_MG_8270 Kopie

_MG_8263 Kopie

_MG_8353 Kopie_1


_MG_8384 Kopie

_MG_8254 Kopie

BODY IS A GARAGE, Installation view, Cirque (Vestibule), KASK School of Arts







Performance with Dorien Buys & Senne Vanderschelden, Cirque (Vestibule), KASK School of Arts



Video Installation, Live webcam, Cirque (Anatomical theatre), KASK School of Arts


Video still, Live webcam, opening












LENZ, Video stills, Performance, 2 Dogs, meat, old ladies choir, exotic fruits, garden shredder, Gallery Zaglmaier, Halle (Saale), 2017







_MG_7504 Kopie



DINO, Modell: Thomas Stern 2004, HGB Exhibition, Operation Grenze, Memorial to the German division, Marienborn 2017






DINO (hidden track), Modell: Thomas Stern 2006, HGB Exhibition, Operation Grenze, Memorial to the German division, Marienborn 2017


“For a group exhibition at the Memorial to the German division Marienborn, I installed dinosaur figures from the Dinosaur Park Kleinwelka on the site. In addition to the specific GDR history of the Dinosaur Park, the work points to questions of the preservation of history, the authenticity of places and also refers to an increasing eventualization of memorial culture. In the short documentation, we follow the act of installing the dinosaur figures at the Memorial site in preparation for the art exhibition. After the dinosaur figures are revealed, we see people reacting with elation, which seems alien in a place with a certain code of dignity towards its history.”









Traveler through all times, Opening Performance, HGB Exhibition, Operation Grenze, Memorial to the German division, Marienborn 2017


“During the opening of the exhibition I did a performance, where I try to re-enact the gestures of a border guard during his daily operations at the former border control. Wearing a VR display, I could see the realitiy through the digital mediated image on my smart phone. From the outside the audience could only guess my visions by my movements, which dealed with the digital dilemma of the increasing accessibility and participation through technology and the resulting isolation within the technological apparatus. At the same time I wanted to travel back to the memories of my father, who served at the border, when he was the same age as me now, to understand the conflict of following the firing order.”






pressefoto_copyright_Johanna Terhechte

Borrowed Fantasies, Performance with the HGB choir, Opening Rundgang HGB, Leipzig 2017 (Photo by Johanna Terhechte)







Borrowed Fantasies, Video stills






Borrowed Fantasies, Installation view, room 232, Rundgang HGB 2017











(Photos by Jan Jankowski)

Patrouille/Kontakt, Lichtfest 2016, Museum »Runde Ecke«, Leipzig





Photo works


obi_postkarte saettigung

Passagen, 2016






Ohne Titel, 2016






Paradies, 2015





außen_klein       _MG_3885

Spatial turn, 2014

















Archive of No Tomorrow, C.A.R Contemporary Art Ruhr, Zollverein Essen (with Elva Lai & Yana Zschiedrich)









 Rundgang HGB, 2016







Rundgang HGB, 2016