Specialist class

An essential aspect of the instruction in the fine arts class is the artistic reflection of individually chosen topics. In the process there are no limits on the selection of the artistic tools and forms of expression – the focal point is the development of individual artistic positions. The attainment of competence in artistic, communicative and technical terms is therefore at the forefront of the teaching, in the same way the engagement with media and art theory is encouraged and supported. During excursions to international exhibitions and in workshops and lectures important artistic positions and aesthetic issues will be discussed against the backdrop of social developments. A focal point involves engaging with media-specific phenomena, particularly in the field of communications media. A further focus involves the engagement with the possibilities of installation, performance, sculpture and image media where ultimately the openness of the work concept, exhibiting issues, public and spatial concepts and the social conditions of art are discussed. Study in the fine arts class is structured by class meetings, lectures, excursions, project discussions and individual consultation. Guest lectures and workshops by artists and theorists generate a platform which enables students to find their place in the international field of art and develop their artistic works in a constructive manner.
Selected works
sie hat mich nicht gestillt
Watte, Strumpfhose und Ton (2017)
Experimental short film in collaboration with Andrea Rüthel, 04:50' (Screenshot)
Einfluss der Fassade
HD-Video (Screenshot)
Alexander Bartsch
Oil, Acryl and paper on canvas
Alan Biehlig
Wellpappe, Gouache, 12:00 - 13:00 Uhr, 700 x 160 cm. Temporäre Intervention im öffentlichen Raum in Athen.
Feder in Tusche auf Papier, 21 × 29,7 cm
Objekt, Lackstift auf Polypropylen, Karton. 30 × 44 × 8 cm (2017)
Gewebeeinband, Buchbinderpappe, Holz, Anordnung variabel. Acrylglas, Buch, Pflanze ; Hgb Galerie, Ausstellung zum Studienpreis
Wir fahren zu weit in der Nacht
Gouache, Sprühdose, Lack & Öl auf Leinwand (2017)
Für den Widerstand, die Umwälzung der bestehenden Verhältnisse und für alle meine Freunde
Installation, Serie (1000 St.), 2015
Nicolas Eberle
Shhh frei hängende Skulptur, Bugholz (2016)
Nicolas Karl
Wir bauen ein Haus / Platzbedarf im Raum der Möglichkeiten
Performance, Luftskulptur, Polyethylen, Gebläse (2017)
I put my finger into your belly button
Tanzperformance mit Musik, Kostümen und Frisuren, 22 Minuten (2017)
Clemens Fellmann und Nora Frohmann
Kiwi (Mayhem)
Mischtechnik auf PVC, Holz, Lack, 180 × 118 cm (2017)
Nicolas Karl
Im System
Holzschnitt und Acryl / 55×40 cm
Nicolas Karl