Typography class, Ludovic Balland

Elias Erkan und Noël Wiedemer
Neu / Neu Sprech
working recorder

We find ourselves — precisely at the crossroads / of all available / means of communication / information, / topicality, / investigation.

We deal with — text and its formatting / text and its break / text and its copy deadline / text and its reading speed / text and its language.

We are digital and paper. — We want to research new journalistic platforms / and / shed new light on content.We deal with image and its format, / image and its colour, / image and its resolution, / image and its focus of attention, / image and its language. — Because we are at the centre of all these editorial decisions, / we want to celebrate it, exhibit it and use it as a centre point, / in order to question the same creative means. — We develop typographical hierarchies, therefore we are responsible for the construction, dramaturgy and articulation of all content.

We control the respective format and its specific raster, whether for image or text. — We control: the page break / the number of clicks / the music. — It has become necessary for us to adopt and advocate a new position towards the medium of typography and the role of the text as well as the tools and recording methods which are at our disposal.

Selected works
Poetika Kino
Sophia Eisenhut
Paraíso do Tuiuti
poster series
Jean-Marie Fahy
I speak a selfie
poster series
Julius Betke
poster series
Tim Teichert
remember me a fiction
publication of the poster workshop "FICTION"
Felix Plate
Katharina Tewes
Typo-Talks No. 2
Lecture with Basil Rogger
Hendrik Heinicke