System Design class, Maureen Mooren

The System-Design Class (Fachklasse System-Design) is a graphic design unit headed by the designer Maureen Mooren (NL) at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. It takes conceptual graphic design as a starting point to be developed into various media and formats. We see design – in an inspirational educational setting in one of Germany’s leading art colleges – as a critical, research-driven and holistic tool towards “the publishing of ideas”. In active exchange with the field of art we are interested in exploring overlaps with artistic practices as well as distinctive difference to approaches in design, both in image and text.

Applied to various social, cultural and commercial contexts and collaborations we work on situations in which design is instrumental both in creating chances for authorship as well as pro-active problem solving. Practical outcomes and projects of our class range from books and other publications, identities, exhibition designs, time-based media and film to installation and architectural situations. We are part of one of the oldest German art-schools with a very long-standing graphic and typographic tradition, a place full of influential historic positions in art and design. These we want to benefit from, as well as put firm challenge to, connect and extend. In the context of the Academy’s rich heritage and expertise in the conception and design of books and printing we understand books as one of many stimulating and relevant formats that can raise issues of “doubt, delight and change” (Cedric Price) – based on generating, formatting, producing and distributing of images and text and their relationships.

During the periods April 24-May 24 and October 24-November 24, we offer personal interviews to applicants and interested parties. If you are interested in such an appointment, please send us an e-mail to the following address: applyatsystemdesign@hgb-leipzig.de.

Applicants for higher semesters in our specialized class are subject to the application deadlines and modalities, which can be found under the item "Transfer from another university".

Selected works
A big and white tabletop is lying on the corner of a room, facing forward. On the plate, black foils of graphics and types are attached.
I hope this finds you well
Emil Kowalczky, Sohyeon Lee, Merle Petsch
Thinking Loud
Thinking Loud
Barbara Galizia
VEB Typoart Exhibition
VEB Typoart Exhibition
IfBk (2021) Riso-Exhibitiondesign
Follow the Colour
Follow the Colour
Anna Breit, Babara Galizia
Will update soon
Merle Petsch