Readings on World Book Day - launch of the HGB Library's birthday celebrations

Katharian Schreiter: Meta K.
Katja Schwalenberg: „Eine Frage der Sicht“
Kassette: »Fundervoll«, Texte Simone Trieder, Gestaltung, handgeschöpftes Papier, Handsatz, Bettina Wija-Stein
Kassette »Fundervoll«, Zeichnung von Annette Krisper-Beslic
Lara Hampe: Die Werkstatt
We are celebrating 150 years of the HGB library! The following readings will take place at the opening event of the anniversary year on World Book Day:
  • "Der Glanz des Kronenmenschen" by Magdalena Klose and Camilla Suckfüll
    See. Being seen. Relationship. Balance. Need. Self-realization. Dependence. Everyday topics. How do I deal with my inner desires? With the questions? With affection and rejection? Life, a string of experiences whose pearls are strung together unhindered. Occasionally surprising in order, color and shape. A red, another red, then...a red as a cloud, as a stone, as a house, as a world. Stop! This is getting too heavy. A look in the hand. There are so many. All different and I have the thread between my fingers.

  • Katharina Schreiter reads from "Meta K./Briefe"

  • Stine Jacobsen presents „German for Lovers“

  • Simone Trieder and Bettina Wija-Stein read and present "Fundervoll", the 32nd printing of the Solomon Press
    "Fundervoll", 12 x 21 cm, with handmade cover paper, illustrations by Karl-Georg Hirsch, Annette Krisper-Bešli?, Yvonne Kuschel and Solomon Wija as well as an insert by Yvonne Kuschel designed and bound by Bettina Wija-Stein printed by Thomas Druck Leipzig, edition of 200 copies, Leipzig 2021

  • Lara Hampe reads an excerpt from her novel project "Die Werkstatt"
    Lara Hampe reads two chapters from her novel project "Die Werkstatt". The text deals with the affective potential of materials: what emotional effect can different materials evoke? Based on a female character who works in artistic workshops, the question of how a sensitive approach to materials is expressed and what influence this can have on social interaction is explored. The selected chapters deal with growing up and mint leaves that melt on the tongue.

  • Katja Schwalenberg shows and reads "A question of vision"
    Do the projects think your life? Does the power creep into your head or your heart? Do you dream the same dreams you did when you were young? Are you there? 104 questions like these are asked by the female characters in Katja Schwalenberg's new book to themselves, each other and their viewers. Beautifully printed in one-, two- and three-color original offset, this small paperback fits in every pocket and invites you to reflect on the big questions of existence in a humorous and light way.