Cultures of the Curatorial: Under the same sky. Patterns and other beings (25.04.-03.11.2024)

The participants of the Master's program Cultures of the Curatorial at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig were invited by the State Ethnographic Collections of Saxony to take part in an intervention within the permanent presentation “Dialogue among Guests” in the Damaskuszimmer.

The Damaskuszimmer - a restored reception room that was brought to Germany from Syria at the end of the 19th century - is thematized as a present-day exhibition object and as a carrier of visible and invisible traces of histor(ies). The obvious patterns, such as the elaborate ornamentation of the painted interior walls, were taken as a starting point to focus on the implicit patterns that emerge: those of showing, interpreting and mediating. The participants trace these patterns in the intervention with contemporary artistic positions.

The intervention “Unlock” by Qusay Awad opens on May 28. At 6 pm there will be a guided tour with the curators of the exhibition followed by an artist talk with Qusay Awad. More information...

Program Opening, 25.04.2024
6 pm
Performance "Damascus Room: The Path of Water" by Salmo Albatal in the exhibition "Dialogue among guests" in the Damascus Room

7 pm
Welcome: Barbara Höffer, Museum of Ethnology Dresden
Introductory words by the participants of the Master's program Cultures of the Curatorial, Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig

8 pm
Music & get together