Photography and Moving Image class, Tina Bara

Today, the artist's focus on personal issues often serves as a point of departure for the critical reflection on social issues. The interrelation of personal approach, creative decision-making and collective reflection is thus the main emphasis in the class. The medium of photography is well suited to an active participation in the discourse, investigating social, cultural, psychological and political conditions by means of artistic enunciation. Personal history, familiarity with specific life situations as well as intensive research and communication are important prerequisites for creative work. Photography can be employed in various artistic strategies to investigate, spontaneously or otherwise, aspects of daily life, public and private zones, interpersonal relations and the relationship between the individual and social structures. The documentary, theatrical, narrative and abstract potentials of photography can be implemented in diverse ways to this purpose, as can a departure from pure photography into other media. The current discourse on identity offers a point of departure for a collective examination, moving individual thematic and conceptual interests in different directions. The class should be open to all ideas resulting from discussion and the personal pursuit of thematic fields.