Painting / Printmaking

The Painting and Printmaking degree course at the HGB includes the creative involvement of every student with all aspects of painting, drawing and printed graphics. The degree — with its multifaceted programme and four specialist classes, with the artistic foundation it provides and with its many workshop courses — focuses on developing the students into artists in their own right. Perceiving and recognising traditional methods of painting and printmaking, mastering the art of “making images” and paying conscious attention to today’s possibilities in painting as a vital medium in the context of contemporary art play a fundamental role throughout the programme. In the comprehensive foundational course the students — under guidance — delve into various strategies and themes of painting and drawing, master technical challenges and overcome content-related inhibitions.

In the main studies they decide between one of the four available specialist classes: The classes in Painting and Printmaking under the tutelage of Kerstin Drechsel, Henriette Grahnert/Franziska Holstein, Michael Riedel and Anne Speier.