Electronic publishing using Qucosa

Share your knowledge with the world!

The Saxon Document and Publication server "Qucosa"(Quality Content of Saxony) serves the free publication, verification and long-term archiving of electronic documents. This service, which is supported by academic libraries of the Saxon State, is available to all interested authors. In addition to free online publication, Qucosa offers permanent worldwide availability of the full texts, citability through a constant WWW address (so-called persistent identifier) as well as improved findability of the publication(s) in numerous catalogs, directories and search engines. Transparent licensing regulations ensure control over copyright and usage rights. At the same time, Qucosa supports Open Access.

The service is hosted and maintained by the Saxon State and University Library Dresden (SLUB).


Qucosa is basically available to all members of Saxon universities. In addition, electronic publications of other Saxon educational and research institutions can be found on Qucosa.


The following types of documents in electronic form (in PDF / PDF/A format):

  • theoretical diploma theses and master theses of the KdK classes (we recommend to make a publication decision after consulting your supervisors)
  • dissertations
  • journal articles (current and/or already published)
  • publications by lecturers and scholars (e.g. research reports, papers, reports, conference papers, lectures, etc.)


In a declaration of consent you confirm that no third-party rights (including copyright, personal rights, data protection rights or patent rights) are infringed. At the same time, you grant a Creative Commons license for your publication. Please use the input wizard to upload the electronic document to the server. At the same time, you should also submit some "metadata" that will help search engines, for example, to find your publication more easily. Metadata provides basic information about a document, such as details about the author, title, or time of publication. The submission of metadata is at the same time the registration for publication. To make the legal aspects easier to understand, we have created a handout (which is only available in German language at the moment): Handreichung zu Qucosa 


Qucosa supports authors through the remuneration option of the collecting society „VG WORT“ via an access measurement to appropriately marked articles. This is achieved by the integration of a counting pixel of the VG WORT. In order to receive royalties, authors must register with the online portal of VG WORT and apply for a counting mark. You can find more details about this here (we’re sorry, this information is also only available in German langugae).