Schwarz-weiß Fotografie, zwei Personen warten mit verschränkten Armen, zwei Personen sitzen auf einem Planken
Nackte Frau macht mit einer Kamera von sich ein Spielfoto und blickt in die Kamera, schwarz weiß-Fotografie
Schwarz-weiß Fotografie einer Anlegestelle, weißes Eckgebäude
ein leerer Raum, zwei rosa Wände, in der mittleren Wand löst sich die verzierte Tapete
Eine männliche Person ist im Wasser eines Schwimmbeckens, eine Frau liegt daneben

Flucht in die Öffentlichkeit 
f/stop – Festival for Photography

Artists: Alvin Baltrop, Barbora Kleinhamplova, Niklas Goldbach, Nilbar Güreş, Gabriele Stötzer, Oxiea Villamonte | Kurator*innen: Magdalena Stöger und Leon Hösl

"Flucht in die Öffentlichkeit" (literally: “escape into the public sphere”) refers to a controlled outward movement as a possible strategy of artistic, political, and activist work. The German household expression is often used when talking about informants who seek protection through publication, bringing their incriminating material to a broad public which can act as a safe space. Visibility is used as a control mechanism which calls on the public opinion for support for critical actions. In the GDR, “Flucht in die Öffentlichkeit” meant demonstrating steadfastness and unity, as opposed to subliminal disruptive government strategies.

Taking this expression as a starting point, the f/stop festival looks into the relationship of visibility and oppositionality and asks how activist practices can be visualized without limiting their agency. The festival assembles historical and contemporary practices at the intersection of individual care and societal agency and investigates the political dimension of image production against the backdrop of current debates and global crises. Particular attention is paid to archival approaches and how they take on responsibility for the past.

The 10th edition of f/stop—Festival für Fotografie Leipzig will expand into the city center and into the public space and be presented in various different exhibition spaces. Displays in the public space will transform the city center of Leipzig into a space for negotiation of societal topics. Different site-specific and mobile formats will bring the exhibition to the public space.The festival itself will thus “escape into the public sphere” in an attempt to challenge the city, its fragmented publics and its institutions through photographic and cinematographic practice and confront them with today’s pressing issues.


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