Broken Relations – Infrastructure and interruption
Art under Pandemic Conditions

Episode II: May 6th - June 29th 2021
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Infrastructures have been addressed with particular urgency since the onset of the Corona pandemic. The material conditions for the movement of people, things, and information central to transportation, health, and communication have been disrupted; traditional logics, protocols, and modes of relating have been suspended. The project "Infrastruktur und Unterbrechung. Art under Pandemic Conditions" takes a look at the current interruptions of existing infrastructures by questioning both the preconditions and conditions of their emergence, which become evident precisely in the interruption, and by testing the design possibilities of creating alternative infrastructural connectivity. Students, artists, curators and theorists are involved in the exhibition and event program, which develops in several episodes.

Concept: Beatrice von Bismarck and Ilse Lafer
In cooperation with IDEAL FORUM 19.05.-05.12.2021 and GOSSIP- Institutional Glitches

The gallery of the Academy of Fine Art sees itself as a membrane between the interior and exterior of the institution. The gallery's aim is to supplement and extend both the teaching contents and practices of the various departments as well as making a contribution to current inquiries in the arts, thereby establishing connections between internal and external discussions and - being situated in the centre of the academy - offering a social and discursive place for carrying out such debates. In the framework of the academy's specific capabilities, the gallery affords students, lecturers, invited artists, curators and theoreticians an experimental and reflective form of exhibition practice that can incorporate, beyond the presentations themselves, the active involvement with the exhibition and the reworking and reformulating discursive material.