Young book design award of the Stiftung Buchkunst for "OFF/ON STAGE"

Publication of the Institute for Book Art, conceived and designed by Cristina Zickert, Rieke Bogena and Zora Asse with the typography class of Prof. Ludovic Balland
The Stiftung Buchkunst has awarded 25 publications as "Most Beautiful German Books". Zora Asse, Rieke Bogena and Cristina Zickert received the award for young book design for their design of "OFF/ON STAGE", which was published as a joint project with the typography class of Ludovic Balland at the Institute for Book Design.

Edited by Ludovic Balland and Julia Blume, Institute for Book Art and Class for Typography, 2019.
Concept/design: Zora Asse, Rieke Bogena, Cristina Zickert
Editors: Zora Asse, Julia Blume
Photography: Class for Typography
Silk screen printing: Timm Henger
Risography: Patrick Liebisch
Bonding: Bookbindery Marrè, Halle
Typeface: Pantasia, Times
Circulation: 100

Printed in the Graphic Workshops of the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig
With the support of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, under the direction of Torsten Blume

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