Painting class with cross-media alignment, Ingo Meller

From the conception of a painting to its realization, the process is authentic and universal. Does what is on the canvass actually convey the inner meaning of the painting? What does the materialization of an idea look like? To answer this, questions regarding surface and content of the painting must be considered, as well as the object of the art of painting. Even when the medium of painting is in a position of prominence, similar questions are considered in every artistic medium and should be dealt with in discourse. In this way the exploration of the medium of painting is brought to the fore. Developing painting techniques, working with other artistic media, even outside of the classroom, are encouraged to the same extent as focusing on original questions regarding the art of painting. In this class the issue of materials in art and their usage will be the centre of attention. Every artistic medium requires organization and the economic use of means by the painter in his/her work. Presenting the contents of art in a suitable manner is of central importance, since this will determine the expression of its character. Art is more than arguing about how it should supposedly be interpreted. Art comes to completion through the intuition of contemplation and is always a dialectic experience between the intellect and reflection. This class is open to all those with a passion for studying visual art. Here you will have time to find your own work and to formulate its premisis to evolve as an artist.