Measures corona virus

The HGB crisis team has decided on extensive measures to contain the pandemic surrounding the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The buildings in Wächterstraße and Trufanowstraße have been closed to visitors since March 17th until further notice. The summer semester 2020 started on April 1st under special circumstances or with restrictions. In line with the easing of contact and exit restrictions decided in Saxony, the HGB crisis team last decided on June 9th about further measures and steps to gradually open the HGB:
  • For reasons of equal treatment and consideration for risk groups, there are no presence-related teaching events in the summer semester 2020.
  • Committee meetings, working and project meetings can take place in the university building again since May 3rd. From now on the HGB is also open for guests participating in these meetings. This is subject to compliance with the hygiene and infection protection regulations and prior registration with the department Organisation/ Internal Services: sg_organisation[at]hgb-leipzig.de
  • In addition to the diploma students, master students and students who take their module 1 exam in the summer semester 2020, from June 2, 2020, if urgently required, a limited number of students can work in their classrooms after registration with their professors - provided that the applicable hygiene and behavioral rules are observed. As a guideline: As a rule, per student 9 sqm room volume is to be considered.
  • The HGB is open to those with access and in compliance with the applicable hygiene and behavioral rules as follows: Main building Wächterstrasse Monday to Friday 8 a.m. - 10 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday with weekend access, rooms in Trufanowstrasse: 24 / 7
  • The diploma and master student examinations scheduled for July and September 2020 will be carried out within the university in the presence of the examination candidates and the examination commission without a university audience or guests.
  • The rooms of the workshops, central facilities and administration are only accessible after prior registration by telephone or e-mail. This applies to all students after the class teachers have determined the access authorization, provided that there is free capacity in the respective facilities.
  • The administration offices, the library, the gallery, the archive and the data center may only be entered after prior registration (by email or by phone).
  • Furthermore, students who urgently need to collect their materials from workshops and classrooms in order to improve their work opportunities in their own studio, do so by emailing sg_organisation[at]hgb-leipzig.de after appointment with the SG Organization / Internal Service or by phone at 0341-2135-0 (Mon.-Fri. 8:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m.).
  • As far as possible, the teachers offer digital teaching formats (see course catalogue). In agreement with the Saxon State Ministry of Science, Culture and Tourism (SMWKT), these are not considered an adequate substitute for face-to-face teaching, but rather represent an alternative and fragmented offer that should enable students to complete their studies in the summer semester despite the more difficult conditions.
  • The courses of the evening academy will be suspended in the summer semester 2020. Admission commitments remain valid for the winter semester 2020/2021.

In order to cushion the legal uncertainties caused by the corona crisis with regard to studies and examination procedures at the HGB, the Senate has made university-wide stipulations for the current summer semester 2020. The resolutions adopted allow for the deviation of examination forms, taking into account infection prevention or deviating teaching formats. This gives HGB students the option of acquiring study achievements and taking exams despite the existing restrictions and at the same time releases them from the obligation to take exams under possibly disadvantageous conditions.

If students are not able to complete a full set of study and examination credits in the summer semester 2020, the standard period of study will be extended by one semester upon request.
For repeat examinations and the levying of long-term study fees, the deadline is automatically interrupted; the summer semester 2020 is not taken into account when calculating the deadline.

The hygiene and infection protection concept of the HGB can be found here (only available in german).

The rectorate discusses possibilities for the further gradual opening of the HGB at 14-day intervals.

HGB Rector Thomas Locher explains: "The restrictions on the academic life at the HGB in recent weeks have hit our students especially hard. The measures not only significantly affect our understanding of artistic and creative practice, but also our understanding of the public and freedom. Again and again we have been asked to weigh up between given necessities and what is feasible. We ask for patience for the unusual restrictions of general studies at the HGB.
The current switch to digital teaching is a challenge for students and teachers alike. Certainly, it is not an equal substitute for artistic and creative practice; it is and will remain a supplement. However, we are glad that we can stay in touch with each other in this way through the exchange of content and thoughts".

If you have any questions on this topic, please contact the HGB public relations officer, Meike Giebeler: giebeler[at]hgb-leipzig.de, Tel. 0341-2135-133.

Status: June 12, 2020