Panosian, Melodie

Sound-Reenactment of Evelyn Richter’s photo “Selbtsinszenierung” (in her studio at the TU, Dresden, 1952) / 2017-2018

An installative electro-acoustic concert

A 25 min installative electro-acoustic concert with accompanying Leporello, 10-sided zigzag fold, 390 mm x 100 mm, self-made metal table, Samplr (music app), Dayton Audio Sound Exciter (attachable speaker) and self-made instruments.

Saknade Tjocka Linjer Missing Thick Lines Fehlende Dicke Linien կորած‭ ‬Հաստ‭ ‬Գծեր / 2017-2018

Bound Hardback book, Paper white 100 gram, 201 Pages
205 mm x 255 mm

The main theme of the book is about the search for a black stone, which I found on one of my first trips to Armenia. The question of the nature of that stone led me to geologists in Leipzig, in Yerevan, and further through the mountains, on the path of the stone. Amongst other things, my last two research trips to Armenia led me to a book of poetry by my grandfather at the Armenian National Library.…



Melody Panosian born on October 12, 1982 in Uppsala/Sweden.
Currently lives in Leipzig.


Melody‘s works were shown in Visby Botanical Garden (Gotland) Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Kule Theater, Ausland and Kino Babylon (All Berlin), Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Neues Rathaus, Galerie KUB, HGB Gallery (All Leipzig).
She performed extensively: Frascati Theater (Amsterdam), Kunstverein (Leipzig), Offkonsten!/Teatergalleriet (Uppsala), Weld (Stockholm), Sophiensaele (Berlin), LOFFT Theater (Leipzig), Schauspiel Leipzig (Leipzig) etcetera.