Verdana, 12pt

Fine Art edition: Verdana, 12 pt / 2010

This edition has been made in the context of the Rundgang (Open Studios) project of the same title in February 2008. Three different video group portraits, which represent the members of the class as a unity, are part of this fine art edition. Each of them is available for sale separately.

The individual subjects and situations for the group portraits were developed by the members of the class: a public space (a park), a site to collect and show fine art objects (a museum) and a room to teach fine art (the teacher’s office) were selected as stages for the individual videos and thus reflect hypothetical steps in the development of the work of the class.

The format of choice was the “moving still”, an apparent video still which is actually created by the motionless stance of the protagonists.

Idea and Conception: Franz Alken & Alba D’Urbano
Edition: 5 + 1
Product Dimensions:  30.5 x 21.8 x 1.5 cm
Price: 1.000 Euro >>> Order at
© HGB Leipzig, 2010