100% HEALTH / 2010

This publication continues the concept of the homonymous exhibition project. The idea of ‘100% health’ to put artworks in the context of a gaming enviroment leads to the concept of this publication. In the retranslation for print, the documentation of the exhibited artworks counterparts in form of a card board game. All material is reorganized in three main parts: all texts (theory, backgrounds) = paperback manual; exhibition space = cardboard; artworks = playing cards – bundled and put together in a typical box to store this type of games.

The playful approach of the publication shall lead to an extended examination with this particular artworks. Since it is very hard to discover exhibitions projects afterwards – the game let you experience the idea and the position of the original exhibition.


Cardboard-Box, Paperback: 154 pages, Folding Map, 33 Cards
Edition: 300
Language: German / Englisch
Product Dimensions: 31 x 22,5 x 3 cm
Price: 23 Euro >>> Order at publications.intermedia@hgb-leipzig.de
© 2010 Alba D’Urbano, Franz Alken and the authors of the texts and images / All rights reserved