Battle of the Spectacle

Photo montage

El Martillo at the Global Day of Action, Mauerpark, Berlin, 10/10/2010

Planning meeting for the construction of El Martillo. The sculpture was created collectively on consensus based decision making. Around 20 people participated in the realization of the project.

El Martillo at the “Für ein ganz anderes Klima” Demonstration in Leipzig, 15/10/2010

El Martillo in front of the OKK project space in Berlin-Weddin, where it was manufactured during a two week long workshop. 10/10/2010

El Martillo was folded into a traveling suitcase and sent across the Atlantic. On this image you can see it arriving at the airport of Mexico City. It will be put to use at the climate justice demonstrations during the COP 16 conference by the activist group Marea Creciente Mexico.

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