Area, Line, Circle and Cylinder

is an accessible setting of the Intermedia-class by Prof. Alba D’Urbano.
Taking place 21st – 24th of March at the Leipzig bookfair.

project management: Angelika Waniek
concept and realization: Laura Därr, Tina Mamczur, Livius Pápay, Robin Palme, Fellipe Vergani

This year´s trade-show stand of the Academy of Visual Art Leipzig (HGB) is defined by geometric figures on a grey background. On the two-dimensional level, one square and two circles become 3D bodies: Block, ring and cylinder. The HGB nods to the Bauhaus, one might assume. And it affirms a knowledge that remains valid to the present day: man wants and is capable of aesthetic experience. This experience is based on openness, touch and dialogue. The HGB’s 2019 trade fair stand invites visitors to touch and linger.
From the printed word to the instantaneous wiping over the display – from the surface to the volume, the setting gives space and time to the publications and new releases of the departement of book-art that were created last year at the Academy.