hello to all of you,
my name is stefan and i am very happy to have this opportunity to be part of "now, microtheatres".
unfortunately, i cannot make it to the gallery tonight as for the next couple of days, i am on holiday with friends and family (at the sea / in germany).

for a while now i have been thinking about what to do and i spent quite some time trying to imagine the place ... what it might look like, how many people there are, what the ambience is like, is it crowded?, what does it smell like?, what about the colours, what about the sound ... who would i like to talk to?, what would I talk about? ... what happens while lisa is reading this? what happens after she's finished? ... what else is happening? what else could happen?, ...

anyway ... i just wanted to say 'hello' and i hope that you are seeing some great performances, meeting nice people and having lots of fun and fruitful conversations tonight.

maybe someone could take a picture and send it to me. that would be great.

thank you so much and enjoy!
with my best wishes,

(E-mail that has been read aloud at the event: "Now, Microtheatres" by Lisa Jeschke & Lucy Beynon
April 14. 2012, Five Years Gallery, London, UK)