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Bas Rogiers Workshop


Bas Rogiers is a graphic designer and editor who graduated from Luca School of Arts (Ghent) in 2005. Methods of his Antwerp-based practice are marked by an almost literal approach to reading, viewing and/or staging. Clients range from artists and institutions to writers and fellow designers. His experience comes from a variety of projects that were finalised in the form of publications, identities, lighting and other stenographies. Bas teaches typography at Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, together with Ines Cox. In 2014 he initiated “Read Read Read”, a project on reproduction from the viewpoint of design, at the same institution. More as a form of show rather than tell. As an offshoot of this project he will present a three-day workshop that thematises the reproduction of an image to comic proportions.


by Jan Sattler, Teresa Rudolf, Jacob Schenck, Lea Michel, Lucia Graf, Patrick Liebisch, Sibel Beyer, Maja Keltsch, Thomas Schoofs, Rita Sabbo, Birger Strähler, Christian Hofer, Teresa Schönherr