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Armand Mevis Workshop and Talk


Distill one, two or maximum three words from your diploma topic. These words, represent your topic in it’s shortest form.

The medium is restricted. Everyone will work with a single 72 x 102 cm sheet of paper (which is the standard paper size for large offset printing machines).


You can physically change the paper, but you need to use the full sheet.

You can print the sheet (both sides), you can print in b/w, or color.

You can fold, bend, or cut the paper.

You can turn it into a signature, of 4, 8, 16, 24, 32, 48, or 64 pages
(or any other number).

You can use it as a poster, or cut it into smaller pieces to become cards,
ribbons, a box, etc.

You can’t add an extra sheet of paper (for instance to use it as a cover),
it’s just 1 sheet.

You can use all kinds of binding techniques (like glue, stitch or staple binding).



Poster by Teresa Rudolf