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The Imaginary Collection part 1

Collect images which inspire you, which interest you, which intrigue you, which have a collectable value. Evaluate, regroup, connect these images into a collection. Act as a curator, find what connects these images into a collection. Make a publication from minimum 16 pages.

by Alix Linn Bouteleux, Cristina Zickert, Gregor Acker, Hilde Gahlen, Josephine Walter, Lea Kontak, Lennart Suetterlin, Leon Auffenberg, Margarete Keltsch, Markus Stumpf, Patrick Liebisch, Teresa Schönherr, Thomas Schoofs, Morgane Masse, Vanessa Opoku, Jan Sattler, Dawid Wozniakowski, Tim Grützner, Tim Ziola, Lea Michel, Christian Hofer, Rita Sablo