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Herz, Reiz & Gefühl

We were invited to be part of this exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig, which showcases the work of a select number of graduates of the college of the last twenty years, who have been internationally exhibited. We were asked to present the MODERN FOLLIES project which we had developed with the London architect William Haggard, since it talks about the college as a social and aesthetic space, an environment for exchange, debate and delight.

We created a courtyard scenery by the combination of a pencil line-art wall drawing of the pavilion and the mobile staircase, a table, a stool and a high-table in a piano shape. On top two copies of THE VISUAL EVENT book are contextualising the installation by showing photos of the actual college courtyard with pavilion, staircase and the many activities and event that have already taken place.

Come a long and have a look!

The exhibition is open til 19 October 2014.


by Oliver Klimpel, Britt Helbig, Patrick Liebisch, Marian Arendts, Josephine Walther, Lennart Sütterlin, and William Haggard