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The Visual Event Book




Oliver Klimpel (ed.), Britt Helbig and the System-Design Class,

Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig

Published at Spector Books 2014

ISBN: 978-3-944669-62-5

With contributions by Oliver Klimpel, James Hellings, Planning-To-Rock, William Haggard, Alexander Garcia Düttmann, Friedrich Tietjen, Eva Weinmayr, Carolin Lerch, Mia Frostner & Robert Sollis (EUROPA), Franciska Zólyom, and students of the System-Design class

Designed by Jan Blessing, Pia Christmann, Carolin Giessner, Britt Helbig, Oliver Klimpel, Cristina Zickert


Is it possible to understand graphic-design as a practice beyond

an object-centric approach, as a practice beyond the conception

and production of well-designed and printed artefacts? Which other

potentials to create a public should be considered integral to design

as an activity?


This book explores which graphic, spatial and temporal forms such a

situational practice could take, and tests the idea of the “visual event”

from various perspectives of visual culture. It compiles numerous

contributions by artists, academics, designers, architects, and students

of the System-Design Class at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig.


Visual moments are discussed in many colour sections through

observations, practical works, short essays – experiments in image

and text, both referential and documenting.