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Modern Follies – Pavilion and Staircase



We have designed and built a pavilion and a staircase for the courtyard of the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts, our college – together with William Haggard and students of the CASS / London Metropolitan University.

The pavillion is a folly and brings, besides sheltering, shading and hosting, a new sensibility to the garden and scenery behind it to the courtyard. The rock-shelf of last year’s “Solid & Liquid” exhibition (Brandenburgischer Kunstverein Potsdam) is part of the landscape, too. Hence a few new playful vistas and popular narratives are introduced through the pavilion and the changed spatial situation of the college.

The mobile staircase is flexible in its position and can cater for many uses: resting and relaxing, debate, stage, seating for the screening of films, other performances, etc. It comes with a big billboard that will allow the short-term display of works by students. Accompanied by a smaller A1 double-sided poster on top of the structure.

The first work “DIS PLAY” is by Alix Bouteleaux and Thomas Schoofs.

This programme is to inject the outside space of the college with new life, discourse, adventure, conflict and fun! It is a new communal space open to use for everyone!

Images by Josie Walter


by Oliver Klimpel, William Haggard, Britt Helbig, Lennart Sütterlin, Marian Arendts, Jan Blessing, Markus Stumpf, Maja Keltsch, Patrick Liebisch, Patrick Vollrath, Gregor Acker, Alix Bouteleux, Thomas Schoofs, Josie Walter, Leon Auffenberg, Lea Kontak, Pia Christmann, Marie Lautsch, Patrick Müller, Cristina Zickert, Benedikt Bock, Migle Pikelyte, Victoria Alexandra Arad, Ryan Hinson, Hector Martin, James Ragonesi