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Visual identity for the Görlitzer Sammlungen für Geschichte und Kultur (the Görlitzer Historical and Cultural Collections).

The Görlitzer Sammlungen für Geschichte und Kultur is a regional museum situated in the German town Görlitz which is directly adjoined through the Neisse river to the Polish town Zgorzelec. A newly developed visual identity establishes a fresh and clear graphic language for this cultural institution with a visual hierarchy that joins the two departments and the three houses that make up the museum.

A new name abbreviation was introduced for the Sammlungen: GöSam. A black and white typographical system which is everywhere to be found is annexed to a versatile but distinctive colour system and an image-grid, which allowed the photographic display of the many historical artefact of the collections on various applications, like flyers and posters, to an image-grid of coloured photographs of artifacts found in the collection. Furthermore, a new marque combining the letters G and Ö of Görlitz was designed as an additional playful typographical and friendly symbol for the museum.


by Marian Arendts, Lysanne Bellemare, Constanze Hein, Lea Kontak, Ann Richter