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Alternate Futures

Alternate Futures Reader


In this project we dealt withexplored notions of new possibilities, utopia, speculation and dystopia in the context of a future, self-assessmentsfictions of design and visual culture.

We conceived, wrote, edited, designed and produced a reader that showcases different futuresa wide spectrum of material.  A book about different futures of within visual culture,  as well as the possibilityies to create new worlds with the help of fiction, speculation, alternatives and the courage to imagine.

Alternate Future

Alternate Futures 02

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by Marian Arendts, Léon Auffenberg, Benedikt Bock, Pia Christmann, Hilde Gahlen, Oliver Klimpel, Lea Kontak, Jaroslaw Kubiak, Marie Lautsch, Claudia Mosig, Patrick Müller, Ann Richter, Patrick Vollrath, Josephine Walter