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Rundgang 2013

The Class System-Design edited a reader that consists of research material as well diverse reflections and projections by students on topics such as new possibilities, speculation, future, utopia and fiction, as tools and trajectories within visual culture.

Rundgang 2013 - Displays


Die Sache mit dem Praktikum (The thing about internships) – Leaflet with tips for students planning or doing an internship. It is the result of a workshop held by Adriana Eysler.

Die Sache mit dem Praktikum


(Internships have become an important component of any curriculum. For graphic design students at the Leipzig Academy, taking part in an internship is obligatory. The advice leaflet was produced through a workshop with the political activist and academic Adriana Eysler. In relation to the precarious situation of intern’s position in the culture (and design) industry and the questionable (and exploitative) practices we developed a simple guide that helps students to ask the right questions and develop a good and fair placement.)

Work by the Meisterschüler students Florian Göthner and Christian Hoffelner.

Work by Florian GöthnerWork by Christian HoffelnerRundgang 2013 Bar

by Marian Arendts, Léon Auffenberg, Benedikt Bock, Pia Christmann, Hilde Gahlen, Oliver Klimpel, Lea Kontak, Jaroslaw Kubiak, Marie Lautsch, Claudia Mosig, Patrick Müller, Ann Richter, Patrick Vollrath, Josephine Walter, Florian Göthner, Christian Hoffelner