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Anna George Lopez / It seems to

Anna George Lopez, Suggestion de présentation, detail

It seems to is the title under which two works were invited to converse with one another.

Suggestion de presentation (Serving suggestion) – Diplom consists of a banquet motive installed in front of a raw wall of the Werkschau Halle.

Anna George Lopez, Suggestion de présentation

Although the motive does not reenact a specific painting, there is something in the light, the arrangement, the colours which activates a reminiscence of Still Life paintings. At the same time, the title of the work evokes more prosaic uses of such a motive, “Suggestion de presentation” is indeed the fine print disclaimer one encounters on food packaging or advertisement to indicate, that what one sees at first, is neither what one will eat, nor get…

Anna George Lopez, Images Glacées

The second work is made of digital prints, sugar icing and food colouring, hence the title: Images Glacées (Glazed Images).

Glacé is a french term which belongs to the field of pastry, where it means “icing” and to the field of mass media where it means “glossy”. In french the expression “papier glaçé” (glossy paper) is used to refer to cheap and somewhat populistic publications which feed on images and deliver them profusely. The images hanged on the walls come from my collection of personal snapshots. Their subjects are random, they are all unimportant, uneventful images, but images in which I could always recognize influences of already seen works and pictures; as if my gaze was never entirely personal. Transferred into a rough black & white halftone the pictures forces viewers to stand back in order to decipher them. Colour is brought back with sugar icing which either highlights an element of the image or makes it shift in a wonderland where houses are made of cake and road signs are lollipops. In the end, no image is what it seems.

Anna George Lopez, Suggestion de présentation, detail

Anna George Lopez, Suggestion de Présentation, detail



by Anna George Lopez