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Rundgang 2011 – Portrait

Aus A wird B - Timo Hinze - Video

This exhibition showcases different approaches to the theme of class portraits. In addition we are presenting three other design projects : THANKS FOR SHARING, PROBEBÜHNE and the visual identity of the HGB Rundgang 2010. The interaction of these different works gives insight into the methods of operation of the class and its members.

Rundgang 2011 Identity - Sandra Barth, Benedikt Bock, Mario Helbing

Working - Anna Gille, Sebastian Kissel

Be My Doppelgänger - Sandra Barth, Lysanne Bellemare, Anna Gille, Constanze Hein, Sebastian Kissel Give Us Attributes - Agathe Nicolas Diese große Konversation, die das Klasse heißt - Paul Bowler ...  Paul Spehr Rundgang Party Poster - Anna Gille, Timo Hinze

by Lysanne Bellemare, Paul Bowler, Dominik Krauß, Anna Gille, Constanze Hein, Timo Hinze, Sarah Wiest, Henrik Rossbander, Paul Spehr