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Rundgang 2010 – Old things for New Readers

Old Things for New Readers Installation for College Open Day / Rundgang 2010 We dug up all old printed matter from college, which was sleeping in backrooms and had been considered impossible to sell anymore! What value could we attribute to them now since these items were not in circulation anymore, not used, virtually dead – how could we re-assess their value or even change it?

  • We brought these items back to the attention of the visitors by positioning them visually.
  • Everyone in the group wrote reviews of them, which tried to simply describe them and outline their graphic construction and appeal. They were then read by two professional radio presenters and Florian and recorded, and these audio reviews were played in the room.
  • During this audio-loop visitors were invited to take copies of the items with them to a new home.
  • After a reading of an item’s review was played, (but if not all copies had been taken yet) one or two copies were put through a shredder each time, transforming them merely into the next stage of the recycling process..




by Dona Abboud, Beatrice Barth, Maria Geißler, Kristin Gertz, Anna Gille, Constanze Hein, Timo Hinze, Sandy Hofmann, Florian Lamm, Franziska Leiste, Nora-Katharina Scheibe, Henrik Rossbander, Anna George Lopez, Simone Vollweidener