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Never look empty, never feel full

This show featured pieces of our “Space Exploration” project that dealt with issues of space. How the spatial properties of a room could be recorded, how interventions in space could alter the reading and using of it. The works and experiments were shown in our project room 2.23 (the very object of our research as well) and in floor and college courtyard – and a catalogue was designed. The title “Never look empty, never feel full” is borrowed from the generator project (1976–1979) by Cedric Price, who had accompanied us occasionally in our work.



by Beatrice Barth, Sandra Barth, Josse de Bruijne, Tiziana Beck, Maria Geißler, Kristin Gertz, Anna Gille, Constanze Hein, Florian Göthner, Mario Helbing, Anna-Lena von Helldorff, Timo Hinze, Sandy Hofmann, Florian Lamm, Franziska Leiste, Anna Sartorius, Katalin Szilagyi, Nora-Katharina Scheibe, Anna George Lopez, Simone Vollenweider