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Speedteaching 2009

Triggered by the experiences of the previous Positions-Talk Oliver devised a setting in which we, the students from the Class for System-Design, would teach the 1st years, who had just entered college. And we do that by borrowing the principle of speed-dating that would make us teaching one-to-one, and after 5 minutes had elapsed – and an audible sound – students would move one seat further along our long table. The brief was to teach something which would be truly useful for the 1st years, something perhaps only we knew, something we thought valuable sharing.


by Beatrice Barth, Josse de Bruijne, Tiziana Beck, Kristin Gertz, Anna Gille, Timo Hinze, Sandy Hoffmann, Florian Lamm, Franziska Leiste, Simone Müller, Anna Sartorius, Nora-Katharina Scheibe, Nella Rieken, Anika Rosen, Henrik Rossbander, Anna George Lopez, Simone Vollenweider