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Space Exploration

Installation for College Open Day / Rundgang. Tying in with the project “Space Exploration” we created an installation that turned our impossibility to fully use, or to experience our incredibly high class room (7.4m) into a physical activity: we put a Trampoline in the centre and divided the room vertically into 2 zones by a woven layer of string-lace. Good fun, and sporty too!


by Beatrice Barth, Sandra Barth, Josse de Bruijne, Kristin Gertz, Anna Gille, Constanze Hein, Florian Göthner, Mario Helbing, Timo Hinze, Sandy Hofmann, Florian Lamm, Franziska Leiste, Anna Sartorius, Nora-Katharina Scheibe, Anna-Georges Lopez, Simone Vollweidener