Institute of Book Design

Showcase exhibition: VEB Typoart Dresden
in the hallway in front of room 3.06

VEB Typoart Dresden was formed in the course of nationalization from the merger of several still functioning type foundries (such as Schelter & Giesecke or Ludwig Wagner KG from Leipzig). The company had a significant influence on typography in the GDR, mainly between the years 1950 and 1980. In the showcase exhibition of the Institute of Book Art, the connection between VEB Typoart and the HGB Leipzig is illuminated with a series of type specimens, as well as the role of various type designers.

As a centre of competence for books the Institute of Book Art shares common features with the courses of study on offer at the academy, in particular Graphic Design/Book Art and Photography, the Institute of Theory, the gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts (HGB) and the graphic workshops. A range of courses and lectures open to students of all fields of study deal with topics about the book as a medium along with its limitations and possibilities, investigate its elements of font, image, typography and binding as well as its importance as a form and object. In laboratory situations contentual, design and technical ideas are investigated for their meaningfulness and consequently further developed. The work of the institute can be seen in selected publications, the content of which arises from discourse at the academy. At the beginning of each semester there is an open discussion, in which ideas and designs from all specialist fields are discussed, which could be implemented as a book. 

In recent years, books published by the Institute of Book Art have been presented with top national and international awards, including the “Golden Letter” and the “Gold Medal” in the competition Best Book Design from all over the World and the Walter Tiemann Prize.

Currently, the publication "OFF/ ON STAGE, Textproben", conceived and designed by Cristina Zickert, Rieke Bogena and Zora Asse with the class for typography was awarded the Förderpreis für junge Buchgestaltung der Stiftung Buchkunst 2020.