Intimate / 2014

is a continuation of the exhibition bearing the same name “Intimate” at Leipzig’s EIGEN + ART gallery in 2013, by the Intermedia class of the Academy of Visual Arts (HGB) in Leipzig.

In 2013 the participating artists translated the temporary white cube presentation of the exhibition into a form dependent on space and time. The edition in the form of a cassette which was developed during the winter semester 2013/2014, contains a range of miniaturised works. Each one of these works looks for the closeness of the viewer. Themes such as object reproduction and the commercialism of art in certain market sectors were also questioned. The range of individual objects spans from a music cassette 
to a flipbook, card game and beyond.

Artists of the edition: 
Maria Auerbach, Sven Bergelt, Gottfried Binder, Natalia Bougai, Alba D’Urbano, Till Exit, Valerio Figuccio, Nora Frohmann, Molina Ghosh, Robson Missau Olbertz, Varinka Schreurs, Jakub Simcik, Johannes Stoll, Diego Vivanco, Kai-Hendrik Windeler